Existing and potential HOA legislation

Includes selected bills which have passed, plus prospective legislation in 2016. To access the AZLEG web site for detailed information on each Bill, including audio and video discussion, just click on the hyperlink in the Bill # column
Bill #
Selected issues
HB 2402 2004 Homeowner's associations; liens
HB 2155 2005 Eliminates proxy voting
HB 2824 2006 Homeowners' associations; condominiums; hearings
SB1007 2006 Condominiums; homeowners' associations; records; fees contemplated litigation
SB 1148 2011 Re-establishes the OAH and DFBLS
HB 2245 2011 Allows audiotaping
HB 2609 2011 Open Meetings; Signs. Also included Harper Amendment re Members Appeal and Executive Sessions.  This includes video of the floor debate over the Harper Amendment applying principles of Arizona OML to HOA's. 
SB 1149 2011 Document Fees; Real Estate Signs
SB 1540
2011 Political Signs, Flyers, Petitions, Activities; For Sale Signs 
SB 1476 2012 Chairmanship of ARC must be within Board et al
SB 1278 2013 Homeowners' associations; public roadways
SB 1302 2013 Planned communities; design review process
SB 1482 2014 Homeowners' associations amendments; omnibus
Selected Current 2016 legislation - may or may not pass
HB 2172 2016 Planned communities; architectural designs; approval
HB 2106 2016 Homeowners' associations; enforcement grace period
HB 2382 2016 Property; declaration amendment; procedure
HB 2613 2016 Regulatory boards; licensing; revisions
SB 1496 2016 Homeowners associations; director removal
SB 1498 2016 Homeowners associations; fees; hearings; elections
HB 2612 2016 Rental properties; prohibited penalties
SB 1350 2016 City, town or county cannot prohibit, restrict the use of or regulate vacation rentals