Legislative Proposals

Arizona Homeowners Coalition
Requested Folders
53rd Legislature first session - 2017
Name Comments
HB 2020 Bill boards; directors; conflict of interest Sonsored by Rep Lawrence. This bill represents exactly how a conflict of interest bill should be written. It was held in House Government, and may have died a rapid death or could have a miraculous recovery
HB 2146 Bill homeowners' associations; disclosure documents; agent Sonsored by Representative Weninger, this bill is a minor editorial change but is an opportunity to get at least some of the Jill’s bill added by amendments. 
HB 2321 Bill homeowners' associations; cumulative voting; prohibition Sponsored by Rep Clark and Finchen. 
SB 1019 Bill public records; unduly burdensome requests Sponsored by Kavanagh This currently only applies to public records but allows an overly burdensome or harassing defense for refusing record request. 
SB 1060 Bill homeowners' associations; dispute process Sponsored by Kavanagh, Farnsworth and Griffin. This bill has already passed the senate and is on its way to the house, it is really administrative since it simply corrects language that was missed last year. 
SB 1072 Bill administrative decisions; scope of review Sponsored by Senator Petersen. See support position. There may be some very real benefit to HOA’s here along with totally negating the AZDRE ALJ dispute resolution process. The bill was held in Judiciary last week but may reappear at any time. 
SB 1113 Bill HOAs; artificial grass ban prohibited Sponsored by Kavanagh. 
SB 1175 Bill real estate transfer fees; definition Sponsored by Senator Petersen This prevents foreclosure on a tax lien on the common areas of HOA, and allows the tax lien to be paid off with insurance money, once the lienholder files for a judgement on the lien. 
SB 1240 Bill homeowners' associations; streets; authority Sponsored by Kavanagh. The proposed language actually allows the city to assign it’s responsibly for regulation to the association assuming with some expectations for enforcement and posting.  
SB 1265 state-owned bank task force. Suggestions on GADA and HOA Bank backup
SB 1288 Bill homeowners associations board conflicts Sponsored by D. Farnsworth, as drafted it is a help but not what is really needed to address this issue, and is inconsistent with every other similar board conflict statute for corporation, municipalities or state agencies. 
SB 1289 Bill homeowners associations hearings attorneys fees Sponsored by D Farnsworth, This bill as written prevents to awarding of attorney fees for any ALJ hearing notwithstanding any provisions in community documents.
SB 1371 Bill delinquent property taxes; common areas Sponsored by Senator Lesko, This bill applies to sections of statutes that already affect HOA’s but does not change anything relative to HOA’s it simply expands the applicability to additional types of non-profit corporations. 
SB 1400 Bill homeowners' associations; assessment liens; foreclosure Sponsored by D. Farnsworth. 
SB 1401 Bill homeowners' associations; managers; duties; gratuities Sponsored by D. Farnsworth. The bill as written does provide some very basic expectations and controls on management companies and lays the foundation for additional controls and regulations in the future. The provisions relative to undisclosed fees, commissions, compensation and gratuities applies to all employees and contractors of the association not just management companies and while difficult to enforce without access to proof, if the proof is found then the foundation for legal action is established. 
SB 1402 Bill homeowners' associations; improvement districts; zoning Sponsored by D. Farnsworth, This bill provides an option for builders to developments with common elements without having to create a HOA.