Monday, August 7, 2017

Why is Carpenter Hazlewood not coming clean on the foreclosure of Lot 52 in the Crossings

Carpenter Hazlewood along with the Crossings Board and management company, AMCOR, all resigned from the Crossings on the same date. Click here
Why we do not know but it came after we had obtained a Default Judgement costing $750 from the Dept. of Real Estate ordering the Crossings to give up books and records. As the Dept. has no authority to enforce its own judgements, we were left to do it………” I’m from the Government….I’m here to help you”
Instead of Carpenter Hazlewood, as disinterested party, simply releasing documents, they have fought tooth and nail to get back into the fray to bill large amounts to the HOA supported by assessments on HOA members. Check out HERE
Remember this is not a lawsuit – it’s a simple enforcement action by us backing up an Order from the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate ordering books and records to be give up.
As the Crossings members now continue to move towards a second meeting on August 11, 2017, with a plan in mind, Carpenter Hazlewood, yet again, are trying to throw spanners  into the works with their latest FILING requesting an emergency hearing before Judge Mackey to interfere with that meeting.
We have no desire to employ thermonuclear options unless forced to and in some ways, it complicates our efforts. We’ll let our attorneys deal with the Carpenter Hazlewood “Hail Mary” filing but this appears to interfere with our rights of assembly, a fundamental right under the Bill of Rights, and prevent moving to a collaborative approach at the second members meeting planned for August 11, 2017. Best guess now…. this will involve some combination of advisory Board with a Receiver and a joint stipulation to present to the Judge.
But what’s interesting is that Carpenter Hazlewood were already supposed as a matter of course to give up HOA documents not subject to privilege.
Yet what they have not supplied include some core documents:
  1. Documents evidencing that ANY handover ever took place by the Declarant to the HOA which might preclude the entry of an outside director (We should ask Justin Scott about that) and;
  2. ANY records related to the foreclosure in 2015 of Lot 52 conducted by Carpenter Hazlewood, most of which were public filings.

The last is the most intriguing and relates to the sale by Sheriffs Auction of Lot 52. Scottie Evans, the prior owner of this lot, told me the first he knew of the foreclosure was when he tried to pay taxes to the County and was told he no longer owned the lot. Without his knowledge it had sold at auction on Sept 30, 2015 for $25,500 albeit recently listed at $149,500. Do you smell the stench of rotten fish?
Here the facts
Scotty & Margaret Evans were the owners of Lot 52 in the Crossings.
  • Step 1

On Feb 18, 2015 Carpenter Hazlewood filed a Judgement and Decree of Enforcement of Sale for $7,345 for Lot 52 of which unpaid assessments were a very minor part. It was a Default Judgement as the Evans did not appear. Why did they not appear to object? Well even though Carpenter Hazlewood knew of the Evans’ address of 3810 North Javelin Way, Chino Valley Arizona 86323, the address at which they served the notice of the potential judgment Application was 4249 Gilbert Street, Oakland California 94611 - BY MAIL
Not surprisingly the Order for Sale by the Sheriff was approved
  • Step 2

On Jun 29th, 2015 orders and receipts were issued by the Court and a LEVY is accepted by the Sheriff’s Office to proceed with the foreclosure of Lot 52. The amount claimed has by now grown to $8,219
  • Step 3

On Jan 5, 2016, the Sheriffs Officer CERTIFICATE OF SALE is recorded showing the sale of Lot 52 took place on September 30, 2015 to Casa Calasa LLC., a private corporation for $25,500
  • Step 4

We now flash forwards to discover the same lot was until recently listed at $149,500

Finally, Roger Wood, a founding partner of Carpenter Hazlewood was recently disbarred by the Bar Association. I had believed he acting as a shill for Carpenter Hazlewood and “merely” taking money under false pretenses. But when the truth  came out his offenses were far more serious than that. Click HERE for the amazing details. To this day I do not understand why he is not the subject of criminal action. The apple does not normally fall far from the tree
What is Carpenter Hazlewood up to and what might they be really be hiding.
Anyone with information should call Detective Brazell, Badge 350 at the City of Prescott Police Dept. at or (928) 777-1925.

Especially if you know of any links between Casa Calasa, Carpenter Hazlewood and AMCOR