Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fritz on steroids

From: John Sellers [mailto: jasellers123@gmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 2:27 PM
To: 'Tully, Stephen W.' <STully@hinshawlaw.com>
Subject: RE: John Kemper Subpoena

Mr. Tully
No confusion at all as I take it that this also constitutes a refusal of waiver of service by Mr. Rakusin. And yes, today’s date is indeed the 31st of January
With regards to our conversation on “defamation”, and so our memories do not dim:
  1. As I heard it, you had not yet read my email when we spoke but saw fit to reference “criminal enterprises”. I would suggest you consult a good criminal attorney to learn the nuances of that
  2. If you would like some expert witnesses on Enron, I can provide quite a few. As any lawsuit might involve me, I guess I would be wasting my time applying (???).
  3. I misspelt the name of the blog. Our correspondence is there at www.arizonahoa.blogspot.com
  4. Please check it out and use your efforts to mitigate any damages you feel might be appropriate. If you feel anything is truly defamatory, I would certainly want to know to correct it
  5. As to the “issues” you said I might have, I am under a bit of stress at the moment. We have a new puppy arriving on Thursday and our current attack dog is playing up a little bit. I think he knows somethings up
  6. Other “issues” I suppose could include ensuring that FirstService, with its banks, is complying with the Patriot Act, not running a shadow banking business, properly protecting ACH direct debit authorities from ISIS incursion, and it is not functioning as general partner via “substantive consolidation in bankruptcy” with the HOA’s it “manages”
  7. Please also confirm that FirstService did indeed receive the required 90-day minimum notice of a potential derivative suit which was faxed to Mr. Kemper
Please also let me know how much the witness fee of $12/day plus transport comes to for Mr. Kemper.
John Sellers
From: Tully, Stephen W. [mailto:STully@hinshawlaw.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 2:03 PM
To: John Sellers (jasellers123@gmail.com) <jasellers123@gmail.com>
Subject: John Kemper Subpoena
Mr. Sellers, 
I have been authorized by Mr. Kemper to accept the service of your subpoena on his behalf.  I am not authorized to accept the subpoena of Mr. Rakusin.  So there is no confusion. The  date of the acceptance would be today January 31, 2017.  Please confirm your agreement.
Stephen W. Tully
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
From: John Sellers [mailto:jasellers123@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 10:54 AM
To: STully@hinshawlaw.com
Cc: See below
Subject: Is First Service hiding out on the RESERVATION?

Mr. Tully
You have not returned my phone call of last night to see if you would agree a waiver of service on Mr. Kemper of First Service for an OAH Hearing. See attached. I would like to ask you one more time before we serve him at home. This we obviously prefer not to do. To avoid that, see our earlier fax confirmation of Jan 16, 2017 sent to Mr. Kemper & FirstService in-house risk management in Laguna Beach over 10 days ago requesting a waiver. No response was received. 
As you correctly point out in your letter attached, SRP is an independent sovereign nation, a deservedly proud one, and I certainly understand their need for that respect. Even though you may be TECHNICALLY within your rights, you are clearly using that to make service as Statutory Agent quite difficult. It's an appalling commercial decision.
As an international banker with considerable experience in cross border flows, I'm shocked at the ramifications of your actions. Not all of which will be obvious at first blush. I'm sure I've missed a few.
  1. FirstService manage 255 HOA's in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. See attached. Mr. Kemper is statutory agent for all of those and they are reimbursed for that under their Management Agreement
  2. Is First Service seriously trying to use independent nation status to prevent legitimate service on all those HOA's?
  3. Is that the reason they're there?
  4. FirstService is a totally unlicensed firm. Yet we estimate they manage $100million HOA cash in Arizona alone. As much as $3billion nationally which dwarfs their own extremely modest cash
  5. See my analysis of them by clicking IS FIRST SERVICE REALLY A BANK?
  6. They have a negative tangible net worth with a lot of secured debt. They look like Enron on steroids and I have personal experience of that
  7. What happens if they "disappear"?
  8. Would Homeowners be allowed to cross over Pima Rd to collect records and bank details?
  9. How would the AG's Office investigate fraud which is rampant in HOA's

CAB (now Mutual of Omaha Bank) has a branch I believe on the reservation. They just emailed me two days ago bragging they have now amassed over $4billion of HOA deposits from their own recent publicity. That's 75% of all their deposits I think
See our LETTER YESTERDAY TO GOVERNOR DUCEY where they talk about this
  1. What happens if they run into trouble and need the odd $1billion as happened to then in 2008.?

Our HOA at Vintage is still trying to recover $430,000 of cash from FirstService held at US Bank after they abruptly resigned some months ago after refusing to answer some simple banking questions. I would have no problem if that money were in the tribes hands. But it's in the hands of a private company on the reservation. FirstService is functioning as a shadow bank
  1. Could that money be safer in Panama or some other offshore bank Centre?
  2. Can you run a money management business on tribal lands?
  3. Under whose ambit would a bank operating in a sovereign nation be regulated?
  4. Would they be still subject to the Patriot Act?

I could go on but won't because, as much experience as I have in these matters with tax, exchange controls, I know there are ramifications I've missed
Kindly respond so we might avoid disturbing Mr Kemper at home

John Sellers
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Arizona 85331
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Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 4:13 PM
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Cc: Tully, Stephen W. <STully@hinshawlaw.com>
Subject: Subpoena of John Kemper

Attached is a letter of today's date from Stephen Tully.  Please contact Mr. Tully at the direct dial number in the letter or at the email address above if you have any questions.

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