Sunday, December 4, 2016

Records Request to the Southern Arizona Chapter of CAI

From: John Sellers []
Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2016 10:17 AM
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Subject: Records request pursuant to ARS 10-11602

To: Kathy Thygerson, President Southern Arizona Chapter of CAI 
Dear Ms. Thygerson
As the authorized representative of Debborah Sellers, a CAI member for 6 months as of yesterday, can you please supply the following pursuant to ARS 10-11602:
  1. Copies of the Annual Statements of the Chapter
  2. Copies of all Board Minutes and minutes of all committees including the legislative Action Committee for the last three years

Pursuant to ARS 10- 11602.C., the request, as a CAI CAZ Member for longer than 6 months, is in good faith and for a proper purpose, and describes the records we desire to inspect. We seek them to determine if the conduct of the Legislative Action Committee, with its commonality with AACM, a for-profit corporation, is consistent with preserving the non-profit status of the Chapter
John Sellers
Cc: James Christensen as Statutory Agent by fax to