Monday, October 3, 2016

Email and commentary from Josh Bolen - ex Crossings attorney+ Central Arizona CAI Board Member & ex President

From: John Sellers []
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2016 4:43 PM
To: 'Josh Bolen' <>
Subject: RE: First Amendment + Cybersecurity failures at the Community Associations Institute in Central Arizona
Mr. Bolen
You have been placed on the unsubscribe list for the Arizona Homeowners Forum some time ago.
Your email appears publicly on the CAI Central Arizona web site. The letter I received, unsigned, says the Central Arizona Board of Directors, not all Directors except you. There’s no reference to excluding you. Hence your inclusion on my response. I believe your firms address also appears on the resignation notice by Amcor as Statutory Agent for the Crossings. Hence you were faxed on a recent records request. I’m also perfectly within my rights to respond to a menacing letter emanating from the CAI Board challenging my constitutional rights.
Please note and/or respond to the following:
  1. As a supposed attorney, you should know that derogatory and defamatory are not the same. One of the big differences is the truth. A truthful statement cannot be defamatory
  2. I have testified in state hearings about you, your firm and others like you. The AHF blog is a vehicle for influencing government action and states that clearly. As such it is protected. Please read the anti-SLAPP statutes. They are not that complicated.
  3. In previous testimony I have described firms like yours, and the now defunct Ekmark & Sons, as practicing legal terrorism in Homeowners Associations. Quite often upon single women. That remains my view
  4. The golden days when you and your colleagues could get away with that – because you think you can – are over!
  5. The best or the worst advice you ever offered was to me to “get a hobby” – be careful what you wish for. I took your advice
In your capacity as a pillar of virtue in the Arizona HOA industry, please answer the following questions
  1. Why did you resign precipitously from representing the Crossings in the middle of a still pending case before the OAH – after billing approximately $10,000 – that we know of?
  2. We are the prevailing party in another records case against the Crossings at Willow Creek in Prescott. Why have you refused to honor a default judgement from the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate within the 30-day period now past?
    • In particular to give up the Association records the subject of that petition which you stated you hold!
  3. In your letter announcing your resignation of Aug 8th
    • You referred to certain expenses being prepaid between July 31st and the date of your letter, 8 days later
    • Were you and/or Amcor the beneficiary of those payments?
    • Mr. May of Amcor was the sole signatory on the Crossings Bank Account – why would those payments, if any, not be fraudulent conveyance to be repaid within 270 days of a bankruptcy filing?
  4. In that same August 8 letter, you waned of the possible receivership of the HOA within the 90-day preference period.
    • Why would an attorney ever put that in writing?
  5. Have you or your firm retained an attorney?
I welcome your response here or on the blog
Cc: The Arizona Homeowners Forum blog
John Sellers
6231 East Mark Way Unit 12
From: Josh Bolen []
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2016 3:17 PM
To: John Sellers <>
Subject: Re: First Amendment + Cybersecurity failures at the Community Associations Institute in Central Arizona
Mr. Sellers - your action below is just another example of your harassment and malice. I have asked you a number of times to cease and desist emailing me and defaming my firm and myself.  
I intentionally recused myself from any vote dealing with you. 
This is my final request. I have only shown you professionalism and respect over the years. I only ask for the same.
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Josh Bolen, Esq.
Direct Line: 480-427-2862
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