Sunday, September 11, 2016

Email to Patti Garvin - City Property Management CEO

Ms. Garvin
You are a licensed realtor and as far as I know, run City Property Management. You are certainly the Statutory Agent for over 150 HOA's on the ACC web site. I'm having a little trouble understanding Mr Lincks' text.
In response to what I think may be his question, there are quite a few Arizona cases involving faulty HOA disclosure. To put it mildly.
Please see the attached which is part of a database we have developed of over 7,000 Superior Court cases in Arizona obtained from recent bulk data downloads from the three branches of the Arizona Supreme Court. Click HERE All of these involve HOA's and/or the group of so called "HOA attorneys" such as Carpenter Hazelwood, the defunct Ekmark & Ekmark, and a few others. It's purpose was to educate legislators on the volume of court cases involving HOA's in Arizona.
It is still being refined and represents only a selection. Not all of those involve faulty disclosure by Management Companies but many do.
The California case happens to be one I have direct personal knowledge which I think will prove to be precedent setting for Arizona. As you may know, legal precedent in Arizona often comes from California courts.
Mr Lincks is welcome to access them all through the Arizona case lookup system online to help him answer his question. We've done our research. Might I ask him to do his?
We are working with Senator Farnsworth on changing the system. It so happens we have a live case exemplifying all of this in the Crossings. That's actually far more relevant in my mind.
Our group would welcome input from you on this on our blog. Please feel free to contribute.
On behalf of the Arizona Homeowners Forum
John don't give me some Case in California tell me what's been lost in Arizona buddy you don't have it it's not true stop fear mongering!
Brian Licks
City Property Management.
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