Sunday, September 11, 2016

Brian Lincks - City Property Management - "You are fear mongering"

In answer to the last item in your comments below, your request to site(?) a case on realtor disclosure, you might like to check out our blog which has details of a $1.3 million judgement we obtained in a landmark real estate fraud case in California in 2007.
Consequently we're very aware of Real Estate fraud via faulty disclosure.
You might also like to visit the page below on the same blog which deals with the failure by the HOA Mgmt Co, Amcor, to disclose that they, Carpenter Hazelwood, and all the Board of The Crossings at Willow Creek, had resigned....on the very day closing took place on a lot in the subdivision. Is that not something Amcor should have disclosed? Click HERE
As the supposedly largest local HOA Management Co in Arizona, I think our viewers might really appreciate your comments which you can do on the blog for all to see.
Look forward to your input in an important debate.
Cc Arizona Homeowners Forum
The Crossings Blog
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On behalf of the Arizona Homeowners Forum
Hey John, you are unaware and lack knowledge, the management company if providing disclosure on behalf of the HOA, is all ready liable for a improper disclosure!!
If you are do damn knowledgeable, site a case where the realtor was liable in Arizona for an hoa issue since the disclosure statute put the responsibility on the Hoa/ management ??
You are fear mongering, with false info!
Brian Lincks
City Management
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