Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Farnsworth Working Group HOA Legislative Changes

You may know this from postings on our blog but the monthly meetings hosted by Senator Farnsworth are making significant progress with a tight timetable for legislative changes on HOA issues in Arizona. If you wish to be part of this work group the meetings are held monthly. Apart from public blogs, there is also a private Google Group which is being used to organize the work effort.
If you’d like to receive an invitation to join that group, which is a work group, not a gripe group, please read the Ethics guidelines below, agree to them by return email and you’ll receive an invitation.You’re invited to join this group to enable major changes to Arizona HOA’s.

I agree that our Ethics Committee includes every Group member and that I will respect and represent the following:
I’m an Arizona Homeowner dedicated to change
I will do my best to:
Explain things the way they are – not the way I’d like them to be.
Walk towards problems.
Trust but verify – especially with people.
Observe transparency and laws at all times.
Behave to others as I would have them behave to me.
Be frank but polite. If I think it – I will say it.
Allow team-mates the space to fail.
Only use white lies on occasions to save hurt feelings.
Keep confidences, user names and passwords of this site and deliberations confidential unless agreed otherwise
Not post anything my attorney would regret, nor anything I would regret.
Conflicts are a sign of a busy people – I’ll declare them.
Treat $1 of cash the same as a $1 million bribe.
Never ask someone to do something I would not do in their place.
I also understand that if it crosses my mind I committed an ethics violation – I probably did