Thursday, September 15, 2016

Complaint re Amcor to the City of Prescott Police

The complaint filed against Amcor is to be found below. A detective has been assigned to investigate.
To: Ms. Debora Black
City of Prescott Police Department

You may have seen various emails where I offered the President of Amcor, Dennis May, the opportunity to respond to certain irregularities in their management of the Crossings at Willow Creek HOA’s cash. He has not responded and therefore I wish to file an official complaint.
Per the attached credit card statements, I made two payments to the Association using my credit card on 1/12 and 2/12.  Instead of going to the HOA’s account, they went Amcor. Wells Fargo confirmed these moneys went to Fifth Third Bank which has no connection with the HOA we know about.
Amcor recently supplied me with copies attached of the General Ledger for the 7 months to July 31.
As a trained banker in forensic accounting I can find no evidence this payment ever made it to the HOA’s account.
Amcor can be located via their web site at
Separately, the HOA, Amcor and their attorneys, all of whom resigned suddenly are under an order from the Arizona Dept of Real Estate to release certain records to me, particularily related to bank accounts. They have not respond.
I’ve also copied the Scottsdale Police Department as AMCOR is based there.