Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jill Schweitzer, Steve Cheifetz and John Sellers on Channel 3 News last night

To see the article and news feature with John Sellers, Jill Schweitzer, and Steve Cheifetz on Channel 3 News last night click HERE  If you have any difficulty spotting who’s who, I’m the one taking the garbage cans out.  
The feature was run by Lindsey Reiser of Channel 3.  Off camera, we were very discrete and therefore unable to do other than sketch out the most basic details of some of the horror stories and personal tragedies some of you have endured.
I know she would like to have spoken to some of you in Arizona. I imagine she could also be very discrete either on or off the record. Her contacts are below if you felt comfortable contacting her.
Lindsey Reiser -
Phone Office:   602 207 3167

Cell:                 602 763 9658