Saturday, July 2, 2016

Records requests from the City of Phoenix+ AZ Superior Court System

  1. See the recent exchange with the exchange with the City of Phoenix
  2. Fingers crossed we may have reached agreement with the the three branches of the Arizona Courts to acccess bulk data showing all the homeowner related suits in the last 5 yrs. 

From: John Sellers 
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2016 12:19 PM
To: 'Paul M. Li' <>
Subject: RE: public record request.
Paul….here’s the clarification after going back and carefully reading the request
1.      Item 1., I think, is clear. If there are no such records that’s fine, as I suspect there may not, just stipulate as such
·         Which rather begs the question as to what Mt Holm’s somewhat menacing response was based on. I don’t expect you to comment on that
2.      With regards to Item 2., I think it’s actually clear that it focuses on ABM….”relative to the Ahwatukee Board of Management”, which is a legal distinct entity as Mr. Holm pointed out. My wife is President in Grayhawk which as a similar sized MPC, has a similar federal structure so I’m familiar with how that works.
·         So I constructed my request to only include items referencing ABM
·         So building permits and business licenses for the citizenry at large, plus from the mini-subdivisions, would obviously be excluded
·         ABM however would not
·         ABM and the subdivision is of the largest and oldest in the state….very mature.
·         So my setting of the dates was done to exclude stuff predating ground zero and should be quite limited
·         Police reports, if any, would be related again to ABM  
With respect to the second request on Mr. Holms contract of employment, I’m not sure I could be more specific
Mr. Holm
Please provide copies of:
1.       Your employment contract
2.       Your oath of office
3.       Copies of any confidentiality undertakings between you and the City
4.       Any documents related to your employment with the City including but not limited to
a.        Job application forms
b.       Conflict vetting documents as a result of your prior employment
c.       References from prior employers and any other part
5.       Minutes of the Council Meeting approving your contract.
My apologies for any lack of specificity but that’s the best I can do.
John Sellers
CC:       Councilman DiCiccio
Dennis Wells/Danee Garone – Arizona Ombudsman’s Office
AHF web site.
From: Paul M. Li []
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 4:42 PM
To: John Sellers <>
Subject: RE: public record request.
Mr. Sellers,
I want to emphasis my willingness to help obtain the public records you are looking for.  As I explained earlier, your request is both vague and broad.  If I understand your request correctly, you want the city to produce all emails, business permits, building permits, and all other document from or to anyone who live in Ahwatukee.  You request, without modification, poses unreasonable administrative burden on the City.   Under state law, the City is not obligated to comply to a request that imposes unreasonable administrative burden on the City.   I respect your right to obtain public record.  As such, please let me know how I can assist you getting the information you are looking for.