Sunday, June 26, 2016

Individualized Email sent to 960+ elected Arizona officials statewide - What do you think of HOA's?

Dear Public Official

As «Job_Title» in «Company», and whether you live in a Homeowners Association or not, you cannot fail to be aware of some of the serious problems occurring in them. The purpose of this message is twofold:

1.       Over 100 petitions have been filed with the Dept. of Fire Building Life and Safety and the Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”) over HOA violations. Yet according to our, yet to be completed research, almost 7 times that number of cases have been filed in Superior Court, very painful financially. The recently formed Arizona Homeowners Forum (“AHF”) intends to correct that by mobilizing homeowners for legislative and other changes. They, to date, have been forced to operate in very fragmented fashion faced by some well-organized “HOA Attorneys” and some Management Companies. AHF is organized around an electronic platform available by clicking on

There you can learn facts about many issues including how $862mm of federal taxpayer’s money had to be used to bail out the largest HOA bank in Arizona in 2008.

2.       In addition, and this is completely anonymous because of Amazons privacy policies, even we don’t see details of who contributes, we’re canvassing the Arizona HOA community with an online survey. The purpose being to see how well regarded a small cadre of so called “HOA Attorneys” really are:

If they did not have access to the $Billions of Other People’s Money, sitting in HOA bank accounts.

If you’d like to participate in this very short survey, again anonymously, just click HERE



On behalf of the Arizona Homeowners Forum