Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Being threatened by your Board?

One of the most common complaints from homeowners is of lawyers writing threatening letters, and occasionally filing injunctions, when HOA members have the temerity to write, email, or even contact their Board Members and/or fellow members.  Watch this short video to see how CAI's view that your HOA is a "mini-government" may prove the old adage - be careful what you wish for!
Click HERE to watch their (CAI's) views.
To learn more about Arizona's anti-SLAPP statute click HERE
Note: We're not attorneys but did send a villain packing winning one of the first anti-SLAPP cases in California.
You can also get an independent view by clicking HERE

By popular request, I'm also adding the link to the full speech where he speaks during the section on HOA's. Click HERE
Kevin has been the registered lobbyist for CAI since 2003. CAI's form 990 shows he was paid $85,000 in 2014
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