Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mootness Brief to the OAH May 10, 2016

In our case against the Crossings at Willow Creek in Prescott for failure to supply records, the Judge at the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings ("OAH") ) dismissed our case for "mootness".  You can go to the separate blog for the Crossings by clicking HERE.
We responded by:
  • Filing an appeal with the Department of Fire Building and Life Safety ("DFBLS") as the referring State Agency. Click HERE to read that.
  • Filed a complaint against the Judge for bias. (He refused to recuse himself). Click HERE to read that.
  • Made a public records request of DFBLS and the OAH, and obtained approximately 1,000 records in electronic form, including emails, internal notes, and billing information between the OAH and DFBLS. Interim Director Hanchett's letter, responding to that in very transparent fashion, can be seen HERE.
Our appeal was successful and the case was referred back to the Judge who ordered us to file a Mootness Brief. You can read that HERE. The 100 Appendices comprising 749 pages are too large for this site.

The Crossings attorney's, Carpenter Hazelwood, have until May 20,2016 to respond.
Watch this space.