Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rest in Peace - Jill Schweitzer - Realtor Extraordinaire and HOA rights Advocate

We heard the sad news a year ago today of the passing of Jill Schweitzer who had been a passionate advocate of basic human rights for Homeowners Association members in Arizona.

Some lights shine like very bright stars. They attract, mobilize, inspire, energize, amuse, and make you giggle and laugh at your own stupidity and yourself. They make you appreciate the value of doing the right thing …. because it’s the right thing to do. Jill did all of that.
The tragic news of her passing left us numb. We all admired her immensely. We could not believe we would never hear her chirpy voice again.
Brain dead within minutes from an asthma attack, some extraordinary people, friends and family struggled to come to grips with the loss of a true warrior who was beautiful both inside and out. Only after her passing did the true solitude of her struggles against some dark forces became truly known.

Not everybody knew that Jill had lived with a close friend John for many years who died a mere month after Jill from Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was his carer and had been for many years.

I will never forget the huge smile from an extremely frail John when I first met him at the memorial service. He was so excited about Jill’s very recent discovery she was now in the company of other warriors she had gathered around her. Sadly, too little too late.

But the efforts carry on. Dennis Legere has done an amazing job of gathering credibility with legislators and the Department of Real Estate. Others are taking no prisoners in hand to hand struggles to overcome these dark forces.

But we need money. So, if you’d like to contribute to carry Jill’s vision click below for the Patpal link. In the interests of full disclosure this is NOT a taxable deduction and will be held under my sole control to fund causes Jill would have championed. Any use of it will be posted ahead of time on this blog. To allay any concerns I might not understand fiduciary responsibility, please click on my professional web site at John Sellers

For those wanting to refresh their memories of Jill in action, click below for a Youtube interview of her